Privacy Policy understands the importance of information confidentiality. That is why all your private information is treated seriously. We use only up-to-date computer technologies which help us avoiding any information disclosure. Our Human Resource policies, efficient software and modern management protect your private data on the highest level.

From time to time our Privacy Policy can be changed or modified. Therefore we highly recommend our clients to visit and check the following page.

You should be always bewaring of scammers who may ask your personal information on the behalf of Below you can see the list of information we may collect from you and the ways we are going to use it. We hope that this information will help avoiding problems caused by scammers.

Information we may collect from you:

  • Your full name;
  • Your phone number, email;
  • Consumer information, that we may use in customer satisfaction surveys and various promotional offers.

Your data will be used in order to:

  • Collect statistics on clients’ satisfaction;
  • Improve services or reshaping them;
  • Reshape the web site interface according to clients feedbacks;
  • Send various promotional offers to our clients’ emails;
  • Inform regarding any service updates, rebates and the rest of commercial information;
  • Approach our clients for a survey via phone, fax or email address.

Security measures protecting your data:

  • We use powerful software;
  • Our team consists of the best professionals.

Attitude to cookies

Our clients may notice the message “to disable cookies”. You should not treat cookies as a threat to your privacy. They are quite a handy tool. With the help of cookies we tend to do accumulate some information on your computer, such as preferable web pages or common settings of the browser. We will appreciate if you give us access to your cookies so we will improve the web site and services according to your preferences. In case you decide to deny cookies, do not forget to set the settings of your browser, because some of them accept them by default.

Following links to other sites

Every time when we provide links to other sites, we are not able to control privacy polices of such sites. So try to be careful while sharing your data with other sites. And do not forget to check their privacy policies.

Controlling personal data sharing

We never disclose or sell our clients information to third parties, except they allow us to do that. In some cases we may have to obey government bodies’ orders. If you are interested in third parties’ information, their products and services, you may authorize us and we will provide you the most relevant information.
When you change your contacts, name or occupation, we will appreciate if you notify us about them so we will be able to serve you at our best standards.
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