“Photos Of You” New Instagram Profile Section

Recently Instagram has launched a new feature – photo tagging that allows anyone to tag you or any brand in their photos. Automatically Instagram adds them to a profile section “Photos Of You”. This is the same feature that fuelled the growth of Facebook. If you have Instagram iOS or Android updates, you can tag your friends and they can do the same. When a person has been tagged on someone’s photo, he will get the notification. Before the photo will appear on your profile, you need to give your approval. If you do not feel like being tagged, you have the option to detag yourself from the photo.

When we have just started using Instagram application, we could mention other people in comments to photos. It took around a year of Instagram team to build a new photo tagging section. The following new feature has been designed to capture memorable moments, build your own photo collection and create photo history. Instagram let you decide which tagged photos are going to appear on your private account.

Photo tagging feature was made to increase the number of visits to Instagram. Users find the activity of clicking through tagged photos very engaging and interesting.

The new photo tagging feature is available only for users who have the 3.5 iOS or Android version. Once you got them, you can go to the “Photos Of You” section. If yo want to photos tagged with you to be shown in this section, you should select free tagging. Choose pre-approvals and each tagged photo will be approved by you. Other tips on privacy can be found in Instagram Help Center.

The future of new photo tagging feature is going to be bright. It is obvious that every time when Instagram user has been tagged, he or she will immediately go to check the photo. This technique will help Instagram grow very quickly as it happened with Facebook. Instagram has around 130 millions users, but photo tagging feature aims to make them spend much more time with the application. It is additional monitoring for the app. It may serve as ads and maybe businesses soon will buy such advertisements to attract new followers.

The number of photos on Instagram is unbelievable huge. There are millions of nice photos of nature, food, sunset and so on. Most people may attest, but the most engaging are photos with people on them. So it goes without saying that photo tagging feature aims to supercharge application. Now it is just a popular photo feed. So what should we expect from Instagram in the future?

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