Instagram Photo Stream

Some Instagram users find video feature a huge mistage. There are many social networks but only Instagram is associated with photos. This application is quite new, a little bit more than 3 years, but the number of photos is around 6 billions items. Such a huge amount! As for active Instagram users, there are around 130 millions people who use this application on a regular basis.

Each user is unique and has his own reasons for using Instagram. Some of them share hundreds or even thousands photos, when others post just few items. Users deal with likes differently as well. Some like each and every photo of their friends, while others quite greedy for likes. But it is obvious that Instagram users consume photos much more than posting them. This shows that photo consumption is a crucial part of Instagram app. Users enjoys spending their spare moments flipping friends’ photo streams.

Instagram Video feature has been remaining unlaunched in the last three years. But the company has numerous conversations about this new feature. In the very beginning the quality of pictures was terrible and the company did their best to capture them and present in a beautiful way. Now cameras and photos are much better than they used to be before.

Now video feature is a totally new frontier. It is obvious that Instagram wants to remain top on the competitive market. The top advantage of this photo app – is the only one app that has around 130 millions of users’ photos. People consume this application with such a pleasure!

But unfortunately, new video feature is going to take this peasure away. There are several reasons. First of all, in order to load video, you will spend much more time. This makes move the stream down. Another reason is the quality of internet connection. Sometimes the service is not enough strong and it will make inpossible to use video feature. Everything is much faster and easier with photos because you can enjoy photos even if you have no wifi. Without internet connection you can’t upload your own photos, but you can enjoy handing out your likes.

Video is definitely going to slow the consumption down. And when users cannot get the service, what do they usually do? Right – they just close Instagram application. Instagram team should remember that this photo app was made to be simple and easy to use – simple creation and consumption. So why is it necessary to spoil everything with this new video feature?
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