Features Making Instagram Better

Most users of modern smartphones have Instagram account. Statistic shows that people who are using Facebook now have also acquireded Instagram application. It is not so easy to find a smartphone user who does not use this photo application. People keep on uploading photos of their friends, food they eat, drink and home pets. Some of them go to limits and upload every step they make. So all these social media applications are about sharing. Modern world web is over-sharing place where people share things they did or just going to do. When we share such photos, automatically we advertise products and services we use. This fact make Instagram is a very effective advertisement tool.

Let’s describe some additional features that can make Instagram even better than it is now:

Make Instagram universal application

This is the majot feature that should be launched. Instagram has been already long time around us and such an important feature should be available without saying. Users prefer to brows photos rather than posting. So why do we have Instagram app on the web but still there is no iPad version? If you make this photo application universal, it will attract new users who have IPad but no IPhone.

iCloud Synchronizing Feature

Once you have made Instagram application a universal, it would be great to add iCloud synchronizing feature. It helps to remember where you left off last time and which notification you have already seen.

Multi Instagram Accounts

Many users create several accounts on Instagram – company account and their personal one. This new feature will allow users manage their accounts simultaneously. This will save lots of time and users will have much time for browsing and posting photos rather than logging on and off between different accounts.

Differen Variations Of Lists

Such lists are very practical. They allow Instagram users pick people they follow. For example there may be such lists as nature shots list, websites/companies lists, colleagues list and so on.

Captions That Are Limited

Some Instagram users post way too long captions on photos. So if there is a caption limit, it would allow to see more photos and less text. After all it is the major Instagram point!

Clicking Links Feature

This feature can allow users to add links to photos. Now it is possible to add URL link bit it is not clickable. As we can click on Instagram username, hashtags and so on, why can’t you make clickable links?

Copy – Paste Feature

It would be very convenient to copy and paste various links from Instagram. Navigating them in our browser would be much faster and easier.
Lots of present as well as new users will definitely appreciate such small but positive changes in our favourite Instagram app.