Facebook Now Patents All Instagram Videos

Facebook has new patents. According to them Instagram can pick facial recognition and even landmark detection. It can be done through the microphone of your phone. Instagram Video can suggest you a proper movie frame. It also suggests tagging that allows forwarding your video to the right person.

People who see these patents for the first time wonder how they will be applyed. Facebook application has never put much attention on video recording. But Instagram Video made it quite clear.
Now it is clear that frames for video really matter. As soon as you have shot your Instagram video, just scrub the finger across the timeline and select what is shown as the thumbnail. Some Instagram users find the process of selecting a frame for videos quite annoying. But you should understand that video requires bigger investment comparing to photos. Classic Instagram application allows us to see photos as fast as we want. Video is different because you depend on the director of videos. When you decide to watch Instagram videos, you will have to invest some time. Even a short video may take a long time to be downloaded due to slow connection. Therefore the reputation of the video author totally depends on the video description and frame. Facebook gives its users around 15 cover frames which you can choose. But unfortunately there are no suggestions and users have no idea which video is better and which is not worth seeing at all. So by default we pick the first video cover frame.

New Facebook patents aims to deal with these problems. Instagram now can pick interesting moments, determining people and the place where the video has been shot, providing tags and frame.
Instagram app now sees its users’ smiles and hears their laugh. New patents describe the technology which looks at video frames as they are photos. New Instagram tagging system can help to identify users, words, well-known brands etc. Patents allow to pick frames detecting face expression, contrast or the best lighting. And finally the most exciting feature – Instagram can use phone microphone in order to determine interesting video moments. So Instagram can hear you and use your voice for cover frames.

Instagram does its best in order to make the process of video recording as easy as taking photos. And new patents allows it to achieve good results and let its users watch interesting and exciting moments that have been captured by our friends.

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