“Photos Of You” New Instagram Profile Section

Recently Instagram has launched a new feature – photo tagging that allows anyone to tag you or any brand in their photos. Automatically Instagram adds them to a profile section “Photos Of You”. This is the same feature that fuelled the growth of Facebook. If you have Instagram iOS or

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Instagram Photo Stream

Some Instagram users find video feature a huge mistage. There are many social networks but only Instagram is associated with photos. This application is quite new, a little bit more than 3 years, but the number of photos is around 6 billions items. Such a huge amount! As for active

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Features Making Instagram Better

Most users of modern smartphones have Instagram account. Statistic shows that people who are using Facebook now have also acquireded Instagram application. It is not so easy to find a smartphone user who does not use this photo application. People keep on uploading photos of their friends, food they eat,

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Facebook Now Patents All Instagram Videos

Facebook has new patents. According to them Instagram can pick facial recognition and even landmark detection. It can be done through the microphone of your phone. Instagram Video can suggest you a proper movie frame. It also suggests tagging that allows forwarding your video to the right person.

People who see

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